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Harvest Rain Discography including all "unoffical" tape and CDR releases, "Official" CD and Vinyl releases and appearances on Samplers/Compilations.


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Night Chorus (2005)

Night Chorus

Songs from Evening (2005)
Evening and Devotion (the Album) 1997
Seek the Fallen Leaf (1995)

Evening and Devotion EP (2004)

Night's Glow (2006)
Blood Hymns (2007)
Harvest Rain
Seek the Fallen Leaf (Tape/CDR 1995 Haunted Showers Music)
Power of Nature
Ballad of My Frown
Construct Our Harvest
A Legend of Nightfall
White Sky/Black Sky
Reconstructing Our Harvest
A Song for Morning
Down a River
A Winter Flower
A Song for Dawn
Evening and Devotion (Tape/CDR 1997 Haunted Showers Music)
Blessed Frost
The Sleepy Old Man
Storm Watch
Evening and Devotion
Harvest Rain (Gown)
1736 Byrd
Memory and Conflict
Failure's Rose
The Invisible
Love In War
(Awake and Arise)
Ghost Story (CDR 1998 Haunted Showers Music)
Ghost Story
A. Thought
B. Strange Patterns in the Air
The Veterans Cry
Further Joy
Birth Ballet
Memories of a Birth
SOIL (Tape/CDR 1998 Haunted Showers Music)
Red Fog
Thousand Suns
Blessed Frost
Sunday's Coma Calm
Leafy Evening Pass
Clouds for Germaine
A Midday Frost
Safe Wind
The Sleepy Old Man
Light and Ice
The Swirling Cross
Red Fog
Dead Horses (CDR 1998 Haunted Showers Music)
A Chorus of Insects
Right Before Twilight
Dead Horse
Horse Resurrection
Autumn Leaves
Horses Breathe
A Southern Cross Reflection (CDR 1999 Haunted Showers Music)
Southern Cross
Bibles at Dawn
Comes the Dawn
Swamp Signs
Blue Ice
A Frost Comes with the Wind
Communion with a Morning Star (CDR 2000 Haunted Showers Music)
Baptismal Riverside
Wotan Wears This Winter
The Golden Hands of Morning
Conversations in a Dead Language
My Butterfly
Silver Numbness
The Midnight Field
Baptismal Riverside (of Morning)
A Frost Comes with the Wind (CD 2002 OPN/L'ere Des Temps)
Southern Cross
Wotan Wears this Winter
Here (by the Riverside)
The Sleepy Old Man
Light and Ice
Blood of the Wheel that turns Backwards (Forthcoming 2003 CD)
An Upstairs Window
Most Northerly Midnight
The Pulling Lights
The Glowing Child
Pillars of Ice
A Gift of Blood
Helm of Awe
My Butterfly
Thule's Pale Bloom
Blood of Dawn
Frozen Blood
Venusian Eyes
Most Northerly Midnight II
Cain River
(Solo project of Jason Thompkins)
Cain River (CDR 2000 Haunted Showers Music)
Cruel Father
Caterpillars and Me
Gentile Peasantry (CDR 2001 Haunted Showers Music)
Pillars of Ice
A Gentile Man
Iron Flowers
Coat of Arms
Red River Tide
Limbs and Wind
The Serpent's Spring Song (CDR 2002 Haunted Showers Music)
The Night Rained Narcissus
Sacred Purpose
Strange Lights Appear
Thunder Song
Late Season Frost
Where Daffodils Scream
Beneath the Pines
Jason Thompkins
The Cloven Shovel EP (CDR 2003 Haunted Showers Music)
County Lines (Kiss the Chandelier)
Cold Bed
Younger Things of Night I
I Call Her CloudGirl
Message in a Leaf
A.M. Frost
Younger Things of Night II
Fountain of Evening Flowers (CDR 2003 Haunted Showers Music)
Night Fountain
Evening Games
Right Before Evening Storm
Strange Lights Appear
RainCloud with a Name
Right Before Evening
Evening Flowers
October Chase (CDR 2003 Haunted Showers Music)
She's Crawling (through the Graves)
October Chase
Autumn Wind Love
Wonderful Freeze
I Call Her CloudGirl

Harvest Rain - "Night Chorus" CD/OPN 2004
1. An Upstair Window
2. Fountain of Night
3. Wafeln
4. Night Chorus
5. Green Flame
6. Night Ride
7. Strange Lights Appear
8. Reaching (for the Saints)
9. A Winter Flower
10. Lilac
11. Our Dead
12. A Cold Bed
13. Glowing Across
14. Frozen Light
15. Listening

Through an Upstairs Window...
...Kiss the Chandelier too.

'Tiny Bird
Singing at My Window,
Thank You, My Tiny Bird,
For the Beautiful Morning.'
-Miguel Serrano
A Southern Cross Reflection (1999)
Communion with a Morning Star (2000)
A Frost Comes with the Wind (2002)
Cain River


Sampler/Compilation Appearances
Der Waldganger (Thaglasz IX)
Leni Riefenstahl Tribute (Vaws Germany)

THAGLASZ IX "Der Waldganger" 3LP Set
featured song:
Wotan Wears This Winter
THAGLASZ X "Security of Ignorance" 10LP BOX-SET
full LP featuring songs:
The Roam of Night
The Night Rained Narcissus
The Midnight Field
Conversations in a Dead Language
A Song For Morning
My Butterfly
Cain's Baptismal Riverside
Dead Horses
The Golden Hands of Morning
Blessed Frost
Evening and Devotion
Coat of Arms
Beneath the Pines
VAWS "Leni 100" Leni Reifenstahl Tribute CD
featured song:
Olympiad: A Scattering of Hands
Forthcoming appearances will be
THAGLASZ/U-MEN "Die Nibelungen" LP SET
featured song:
Thule's Pale Bloom
E.M. CIORAN Tribute Multi-LP/CD/Books/etc Set
featured song:
A Gift of Blood